Mortgage Broker vs. Direct Lenders: Which is Best?

The majority of mortgage seekers dread the painstaking process of sorting through dozens of banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, online lenders, and other parties that will happily provide their services.The decision of getting a mortgage is a very important one, seeing as most people will never make such a massive investment as they do when they decide to buy a house.
Moreover, it is not only the cost of the house, but the extra cost of the loan to be taken into account, as well.
Because of these aspects, any decision should be an informed one and only made after quite a bit of research.
Now, what are loan lenders?
A home loan lender is usually a bank or another type of financial institution, although those are not the only types of lenders that can be found. Lenders can also be investors who own interest in the mortgage through a mortgage-backed-security.
The most common dilemma that home buyers face is whether to go to a loan lender directly or approach one through a mortgage broker.
Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage brokers act as intermediaries between an individual or a business, and a financial institution. As the market for home loans has become more and more competitive, so have mortgage brokers become more and more popular, currently being the largest sellers for mortgage products in many developed countries.
Mortgage brokers are typically registered with the state, which makes them personally liable for fraud, with punishments of either revocation or incarceration, while loan officers are under the umbrella license of the institution they work for. Brokers also receive their fees largely through commissions of 0.5%-1.5% of the loans they sell for the lenders, although this is not applied in all countries.
Now, while an experienced mortgage broker will choose the best loan from a throng of lenders, it is quite important to understand that brokers don’t have special access to deals that are unavailable elsewhere. However, they do have the means and time necessary to assess and estimate the best loan option for the client’s specific needs.
Since a mortgage broker does business with many direct lenders throughout the United States, they can:
• Send the loan to many different underwriters (providing a backup plan should one option not work out)
• Shop for the best rates and programs from major lenders and specialty shops
• Save you money by having access to wholesale interest rates.
Therefore, in my opinion, the best choice is to find a mortgage broker you can trust, who will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision about how to obtain the mortgage best suited to your personal situation.
The Aim Is Getting The Best Mortgage
Compared to going directly to a loan lender, though, brokers offer a wider variety of services to a potential borrower, including advice on the best-suited loans for their needs and managing other things, like documentation or communication with the underwriter.
In the end, the decision belongs to the client, and regarding the financial benefits of using a mortgage broker as opposed to approaching a loan lender directly, in the majority of cases a broker will find better rates and better options for your loan, although that is not always a given. Borrowers should always identify their own needs and compare the two options thoroughly before making a decision that will affect such a large part of their
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